Announcements Submissions

Live TV Announcements will be prepared from the slides submitted 48 hours (school days) in advance of the air date.

Scrolling Announcements Guidelines:

  • Scrolling announcements are instantly viewable on the website to the community
  • Slides must include the staff or staff sponsor's name or they will be deleted!
  • Announcements require clarity, accountability, & staff sponsorship.
  • Community members should contact the front office for approval: 410-313-5528
  • In school, slides must be read across classrooms and hallways use 30 point bold font!!

Access the Scrolling Announcements Google Presentation:

  • Log onto GAfE
  • On the menu bar click on: Slide>New Slide. Enter your name as part of the title, and your brief announcement here: 
  • Proofread your announcement. The community will see it instantly.
  • Check to see that your announcement was automatically saved in Drive.

TV announcements will air based on the order they were entered, and by the priorities set by Mr. Burton.

Video Announcements:


  • 30 Seconds MAX!
  • There are only 3 minutes for all announcements
  • Our equipment will accommodate most standard video files.
  • Drop off your video on a flash drive to Dawn Currie-Scott in the Library.