Our Mission and Vision


Learning for Life: Developing tomorrow's leaders in a community that values scholarship, citizenship, and diversity.


Guided by our mission statement, "To work together as a community to achieve excellence in all we do," each student at Glenelg is encouraged to excel academically and to strive for continuous improvement. As a community of parents, students, and teachers we are working together to achieve common goals while providing the support and resources necessary for student success.

Since its opening in 1957, Glenelg has been the center of a strong community where parental involvement and traditional values support and complement the school's academic and extracurricular programs. A number of active parent organizations, PTSA, Boosters, Band Boosters, Choir Parents, and Drama "First Nighters," sustain the school's initiatives in meaningful ways.

Our dedicated faculty strives to provide opportunities for each student to work toward individual and collective excellence. A highlight of our academic program includes implementation of the Integrated Management System, in which students and teachers work together to align school system, personal, and community goals, to emphasize personal responsibility in a cooperative setting. We continue to expand our technology programs, thanks in large measure to the tremendous support and involvement of our parents and the business community.

Our setting in Western Howard County is a blend of the best of both rural and suburban life, and the major growth of recent years has led to a steady increase in our student population. As we work together towards excellence, Glenelg is proud to be the focus of such a dynamic and vibrant community.