School Improvement Plan

Glenelg High School's Vision and Mission

  • Vision: Learning for Life: Developing tomorrow's leaders in a community that values scholarship, citizenship, and diversity.
  • Mission: To work together as a community to achieve excellence in all we do.

HCPSS Vision and Mission

  • Vision 2018: Every student is inspired to learn and empowered to excel.
  • Mission: We cultivate a vibrant learning community that prepares students to thrive in a dynamic world.


  • Students (Goal 1): Every student achieves academic excellence in an inspiring, engaging, and supportive environment.
  • Staff (Goal 2): Every staff member is engaged, supported, and successful.
  • Families and the Community (Goal 3): Families and the community are engaged and supported as partners in education.
  • Organization (Goal 4): Schools are supported by world-class organizational practices.

Areas for Focused Improvement

  • Rigor - AP performance and participation; FARMS and African American Honors/GT participation and performance; African American, Hispanic, Special Education, and FARMS SAT/ACT performance; SLO targets and assessments
  • Performance - PARCC baseline
  • Student Engagement  - Gallup survey results, FARMS attendance, Fallon presentation
  • Staff Engagment  - Gallup survey results, Cultural Proficiency Cadre

Key Action Steps

Rigor Action Steps

  • Support to first-time AP course and test takers
  • Presentations to African American/FARMS students regarding Honors/GT courses
  • Contact parents of African American, Hispanic, and FARMS students to encourage SAT participation and use
  • Define how to assess standards

Performance Action Steps

  • Align unit and lesson plans with standards for literacy and mathematics

Student Engagment Action Steps

  • Discuss with staff and provide strategies to recognize, build strengths, and excite students about future
  • Monitor FARMS attendance and contact parents
  • Participation in sensitivity awareness assembly

Staff Engagment Action Steps

  • Survey staff to find ways to improve staff engagement and implement strategies
  • Provide incentives/recognition to staff
  • Attendance at the Cultural Proficiency Cadre