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Managing Midterms - 17-18 Information Being Updated Now! Please return here for complete information.

Find midterm reviews, the Midterm Accountability Study Calendar, and department videos.

Midterm Exams Bell Schedule

Midterm Accountability Study Calendar

The study calendar was designed to help students create a study plan and to help students track their progress over time. This document can be used to help students reflect on the total number of hours they studied for their midterm exams and to help them prepare for their final exams in June.


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Midterm Reviews:

All of the mid term reviews are view-only Google docs.
If you get an error message that you cannot access the guides, open a new tab in your browser, go to Google.com and sign out of HCPSS GAfE or any other Google account you may be signed into. Go back to the Midterm Mania page, refresh it, and try again to access a midterm guide. If this does not help, please see Ms. Chan in the library media center.
To download, edit and/or print one or more reviews:

  • Click on a review link,
  • In the Google doc window click on File, then Download or click Print
  • Then select your preferred format to download, edit, or print to print the review. 
  • Once you open the file on your computer be sure to save (and possibley rename) a copy to your computer or it may remain in the un-editable Read-Only format.

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