HCPSS Concussion Protocol

The following steps will be taken after you child receives a blow to the head. As a reminder, not every blow to the head is a concussion. The concussion diagnosis will come from the doctor you see, preferably your primary care physician.

Step 1: Your child has been examined by an Athletic Trainer and it is deemed he/she needs to see a physician to determine if he/she has received a concussion. You will be given 3 different forms of paperwork:

  • ACE Concussion Checklist. This form will be used by the Athletic Trainer to examine your child's signs and symptoms and also their cognitive ability at the time of injury. This can assist your physician in making the concussion diagnosis.
  • Concussion Take Home Instructions. This form assists you and your child in monitoring their symptoms and also gives you a list of what they can and can't do while they have a concussion.
  • Notification of Probable Head Injury. This lets the doctor know how the head injury occurred; it is also the most important form of paperwork. At the bottom of the page the doctor must check Concussion or No Concussion.
    • If the physician checks No Concussion your son/daughter can return to activity.
    • If the physician checks Concussion the next few steps will occur.

Step 2: Once your child has been diagnosed with a concussion, they will not participate in any activity until all symptoms have subsided and he/she has been cleared to play. You child will check in with the Athletic Trainer daily to monitor his/her symptoms.

Step 3: All symptoms have subsided. Your child will need to go back to your physician with the Gradual Return to Play Medical Clearance Form. The Athletic Trainer will give your child this form. The physician will clear your child to begin a return to play process.

Step 4: First your child will take the ImPACT Test. This test will be sent to our neuropsychologist to determine if he/she has returned to their baseline cognitively.

Step 5: Once your child has returned to baseline cognitively they will begin to gradually return to activity. This process takes a minimum of five days. If any symptoms return, this process is stopped for 24 hours and restarted the next day.

Step 6: Gradual Return to Play. This is a minimum of five days.

  • Day 1: 15-20 minutes of cardio.
  • Day 2: Individual activity and conditioning lasting 20-30 minutes.
  • Day 3: Individual activity with added sports specific activity lasting 45-60 minutes.
  • Day 4: Limited contact with sport specific activity lasting at least 60 minutes.
  • Day 5: Normal practice.

Step 7: After your child's symptoms have subsided, he/ she is back to their ImPACT baseline score, and has finished the gradual return to play he/she are able to practice without restrictions.

* This process needs to be completed even if your child receives a blow to the head on the last day practice.

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