German National Honor Society

Delta Epsilon Phi is a National Honor Society for High School Students of German. It recognizes the outstanding academic achievement of learners of German. Our goal is to promote the study of German language and awareness of German culture. We are open to all students who take German (must be in German 2 to apply).

Ashley Leonard Teacher Website
Ms Leonard currently teaches German 1-4 and Latin 1 (though she has been known to teach French from time to time). She is a Howard High School graduate who studied German, French and Roman History at UMBC and later Classics at College Park. She's been teaching at Glenelg since 2008. <a href="" target="_blank">Quizlet website</a> <ul> <li>All vocabulary words for German 1-4, French 2-3 and Latin 1 are available as flashcards through Quizlet. Students are asked to sign up for an account and will be required to do homework assignments using Quizlet to encourage studying outside of class. Flashcards sets are divided by level (left hand side) and by class (right hand side).</li> </ul>