Library Media Center


  • Teach students the print and digital information literacy and digital citizenship skills to become scholarly, ethical and critical consumers of information.
  • Provide access to the highest quality print and multimedia resources, appropriate technologies and innovative instruction so all students may realize their potential and are confident, ethical, responsible and exemplary in their use of information.
  • Promote school community members' collaboration opportunities, space and materials to design, invent, and create their own learning, products, and outcomes.
While music plays, students browse books to check out for Thanksgiving break.Black History Month Book displayNew Books display
Speed Dating with Books Event                                            Black History Month Books                                     New Books Display

Library Promotions, Check-outs & Information:



Library Media Specialists:


Ms. Dawn Currie-Scott
Ms. Aimee Hocker
Check out policy: Students and staff may check out five items for two weeks and renew check-outs as needed.
Hours: Normally we are open 7:00 am - 2:40 pm or as late as 4 pm or 5 pm if the library media specialists can stay late. Check with us!
Visits to the Library during class time: The library is an academic space with classes visiting all periods of the day, therefore unaccompanied students may come before school, during lunches, Glad Time, and after school to complete assignments and read.

See below for Contactless Check-Out of Print Books


Community, Student & Staff Resources

Staff Resources

  1. Announcement Submissions: Staff enter your scrolling announcement slides! (Staff only GSuite). New staff: Click to request access or contact Ms. C-S or Ms. Hocker. Community member? Please call 410-313-5528 for principal approval and/or view the HCPSS Announcements Policy.
  2. HCPSS Digital Tools Menu
  3. Library Reservations (Staff only>GSuite).
    1. When making a reservation, be sure to add your last name and subject/topic information. Only enter and delete your own reservations for up to five consecutive days.
  4. Media LCD Projectors - Connect Wirelessly!
  5. SAM - Student & Staff password reset HCPSS Instruction Tab link - Directions document (>GSuite, anyone can view)
  6. Technology repairs and troubleshooting:
    1. Tech Schedule - Chris Fox III visits weekly as needed/possible
    2. Enter repair tickets here: Tech Dept Web Help Desk:
    3. Enter your school AD login (your school computer login)
    4. Can only be completed while on the school network!! Especially include:
    5. Type of repair: Computer? A/V? Wifi? etc....
    6. Be specific about what is wrong
    7. Serial number, HCPSS Inventory Tag number, make & model
    8. Your room number
    9. Or call the Tech Dept x.7004 to have repair tickets entered
    10. Provide specific details, serial number, make, model, and the silver HCPSS Inventory tag number on the device