Managing Midterms

Midterm exams will not be administered during the 2020 virtual semester.

The information below pertains to normal in-school semesters.


Find study resources, informational videos and midterm reviews.

Midterm Exams Bell Schedule




Resources referenced in the above video: Backmapping.docx, CornellNotes.docx, StudySkills Handbook.doc, Study Tactics.pdf

Midterm Review Files:

All of the midterm reviews are view-only HCPSS G-Suite Google docs (see Students should use their school network username and password to log in.
If you get an error message that you cannot access the guides, open a new tab in your browser, go to and sign out of any personal or other Google accounts you may be signed into. Return to, refresh the page, try again to log into G-Suite, return to this page, refresh it and click on a midterm guide to open it. If these directions do not help, please see Ms. Chan in the library media center (well before the exams :).
To download, edit and/or print one or more reviews:

  1. In a separate browser tab make sure you are logged into>G-Suite.
  2. On this page, click the Midterm Reviews link below.
  3. Click on the folder of the subject department then locate your teacher's name or class.
  4. If your teacher has opted to have their midterm review posted to this page it will appear in the named folder. If not, please contact your teacher ASAP for midterm exam information.
  5. In the Google doc window you can share the review to your Shared folder or click on File, then Download or click Print.
  6. Then select your preferred format to download, edit, or print to print the review. 
  7. Once you open the downloaded file on your computer be sure to save (and possibly rename) a copy to your computer or it may remain in the un-editable Read-Only format.

Midterm Reviews