Clubs and Honor Societies

Academic Excellence Club

Academic Excellence is an all-subject work class.  Students will come together to work out various problems, help each other study, and work on homework.  This club is non-subject specific.

Meetings on Tuesdays in Ms. Hammond's Room 211 or Mr. Bohlayer's Room 203.

Staff sponsor: Ms. Hammond    Mr. Bohlayer

Active Minds

Active Minds is dedicated to saving lives and to building stronger families and communities. Through education, research, advocacy, and a focus on students and young adults ages 14-25, Active Minds is opening up the conversation about mental health and creating lasting change in the way mental health is talked about, cared for, and valued in the United States.

Meeting Date and Time: Wednesdays during Glad Time

Meeting Place: Guidance

Student Contact: Adam Shi, Kabir Satija

Alpha Achievers

Alpha Achievers is an organization used to increase minority students’ awareness of themselves, their history, and their communities while highlighting the academic success of its members.

Anime Club

Anime fans watch Anime films and series and discuss related topics.

Faculty advisor: Ms. Laura Ohanian (

Art Club

Art Club caters to students who are serious about art.  Members will work on design competitions, school based art murals & projects and portfolio development.  Students should be enrolled in an art course or previously taken art.  Membership is limited to 20 students due to space and material limitations.

Staff sponsor:  Mr English

Biology Olympiad

The USA Biology Olympiad (USABO) is a national competition sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Education to select the competitors for the International Biology Olympiad. The open exam is a short multiple choice exam open to all high school students administered later in the year.

Faculty advisor: Ms. Jessica Montminy (

Biomedical Club

Students discuss ways to improve human health.

Faculty advisor: Ms. Patricia Feinstein (

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union (BSU) follows the 6P’s of Excellence from the Black Student Achievement Program: Proud, Prompt, Persistent, Productive, Polite, and Prepared. The Black Student Union Club is a group of multicultural students gathering together to learn more about their history, culture, and heritage, while promoting diversity.

Faculty advisor: Ms. Pat Thorne (

Chess Club

Thursdays, 2:15 - 3:30, in the Library Media Center.

All levels welcome! Come to learn and advance your skills.


Chinese Cultural Club

The students watch movies in Chinese, practice writing, and discuss current affairs and culture, focusing on China.

Faculty advisor: Mr. Reigel

Code, Game Design, Maker Club & Coder Dojo

Do you like to code, design, or make programs & apps, games, small robots or anything else you can think of? Join the Coding / Game Design / Maker Club and Coder Dojo in the media center. Students use our club-built Maker Farm 3D printer (thank you Boosters!), raspberry pi mini computers, origami and maker supplies to create, design, or make nearly anything they're interested in! Also see for more information about Raspberry pis. See Ms.

Color Guard

The color guard highlights and interprets music using flags, dance, and other props.

Advisor: Ms. Jennifer Blizzard (

Computer Club

The Computer Club prepares its members for several programming and computer competitions, such as the University of Maryland High School Programming Contest and the American Computer Science League (ACSL) contests. The computer club members practice solving problems from previous competitions. In addition, the members explore data structures and algorithms beyond the scope of the computer science courses offered at Glenelg High School to prepare to achieve at the highest levels in the computing competitions.

Concert Choir

Concert Choir is an enrolled course open to all students regardless of previous vocal experience. This is a large group of students, both male and female. Students perform music of all musical styles throughout various times in the year and travel in the spring for competitions. This multi award winning ensemble provides a solid musical outlet as well as giving the students involved a large network of friends and colleagues of all ages. Those interested should see Mr. Rawlings for more info.

D & D

Students role-play as fantastical heroes on daring adventures using dice and the rules of the world’s oldest role-playing game.

Faculty advisor: Ms. Marcy Burkom (


Members have the opportunity to develop skills in leadership to become contributing members of society.

Faculty advisor: Mr. Nicholas Formica (

Delta Scholars

Delta Scholars is open to all 10th - 12th grade female students who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.


  • Encourage academic excellence
  • Assist with goal setting for the future
  • Leadership opportunities through community service

Meetings: Wednesdays in the media center or cafeteria from 2:15pm - 3:30pm.

Educators Rising

The purpose of the club is to learn more about teaching and other related professions in the education field.

Faculty advisors: Ms. Michelle Oland (; Ms. Kerry Johnson (

Fashion and Design Club

Students gathe to discuss upcoming trends, share outfit designs, and give ffedback on fashion/design portfolios.

Staff Sponsor: Ms. Borja

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Meets on Mondays after school and during Flex Time in Room 239 FCA is the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a club at Glenelg. The Glenelg Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is an organization that promotes community service, fellowship, and physical activity. Community service is one of the main goals of our FCA organization because that is a way we can help others in God’s name. In addition to community service projects we look for opportunities to foster fellowship within the group members and reach out to other students in the Glenelg student body.

Filmmaking Club

Calling themselves the Worthless Pruñes Productions, the club plots a story, works on a script, designs art, and does read-throughs.

Faculty advisor: Ms. Marcy Burkom (

Forever Friends

Forever Friends is a club that if full of exciting experiences and it excellent for just having a good time. This club pairs students with without disabilities to build friendships. Next year we hope to build some great friendships and do some really fun activities. Anyone is welcome!

French Club

Members celebrate French holidays, make crafts, watch movies, participate in community service activities, develop leadership skills and promote French culture.

Faculty advisor: Mr. Jean-Eddy Augustin (

French Honor Society

The French Honor Society of Glenelg High School aims to stimulate interest in the study of French, to promote high standards of scholarship, to reward scholastic achievements, to create enthusiasm for and an understanding of francophone culture and civilization, to promote and perpetuate international friendship, and to reward efforts toward furthering solidarity in the French speaking world.

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

Meets on Mondays in room 217 The GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) is a club that provides a safe meeting place for students who are gay, lesbian, transgendered, and straight. We discuss issues that affect gay, lesbian, and transgendered students in and out of the school environment. Since we do not have officers, members run the meetings and decide what activities they would like to do or be involved in.

GBC (Glenelg Broadway Connections)

GBC is our peer and special needs theater club. It’s a full year club in which students learn and rehearse a production. Peers are partnered with special needs students to help them learn the music, acting, and dance for the show.

Faculty advisor: Ms. Kassidy Sharp (


GEO (Glenelg Earth Organization)

The GEO club works in tandem with the custodians to take care of the school’s recycling. We also meet to discuss ideas dealing with green initiatives and ways to improve Glenelg’s carbon footprint.

Faculty advisors: Mr. Matthew Kinloch (; Dr. Jennifer Shepard (

German National Honor Society

Delta Epsilon Phi is a National Honor Society for High School Students of German. It recognizes the outstanding academic achievement of learners of German. Our goal is to promote the study of German language and awareness of German culture. We are open to all students who take German (must be in German 2 to apply).


This group of students meets to thoughtfully and respectfully discuss the MD One Book, MD Black Eyed Susans, and a variety of other books suggested by club members.

Check out our website:

Faculty advisor: Ms. Dawn Currie-Scott (

GHS STEM Career Club

The club will organize and run career interest symposiums. Approximately twice a month the club will bring in members of the community to talk about their careers, how they got where they are, and give advice to students who may or may not be thinking about such a career. 9th through 12th grade students and their parents are invited to attend these symposiums to discover and explore careers in STEM: science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Faculty advisor:

Gladiators on the Horizon

A mentor program in which ALL new students to Glenelg are matched with an Upper Classmen in order to ease their transition to GHS. Mentors and mentees meet approximately 4 times a year as well as communicate as needed and requested.

HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America)

HOSA membership prepares students for a health-care career.

Faculty advisor: Ms. Leila Chawkat (


The students explore the beliefs and customs of different cultures to ensure a greater cultural understanding and sensitivity.
Faculty advisor: Ms. Karina De Sande (

It’s Academic

Meets on Fridays at 2:15 in Room 219. It’s Academic is a club that competes in trivia competitions, similar to the Jeopardy game show. Every year we compete on the TV game show called “It’s Academic” which airs on channel 13 WJZ on Saturday mornings at 10:00 a.m. We also have other tournaments in which we compete 5-6 times a year. Students with quick buzzer fingers and interested in any kind of trivia will enjoy this club.

Here is a previous year's TV competition.

Japanese Culture Club

Meets on Tuesdays after school Members learn Japanese language and culture. Some of our activities include cooking Japanese food, making origami, and practicing Japanese calligraphy.


If you like to write, enjoy graphic design, or love using sophisticated software, a position on the staff of The Shield, Glenelg's student newspaper, might be right for you. Journalism II students hold Editor positions such as Op/Ed, Entertainment, News, Features, and Sports. Journalism III and IV Editors can apply for Editor-in-Chief or Assistant Editor-in-Chief. These students manage and publish the paper, overseeing all content and layout. Journalism offers exciting opportunities for many different leadership roles.

Junior Dance Company & Dance Company

These are auditioned GT classes taken during the school day. We learn a variety of dance styles like ballet, modern, hip hop, jazz, tap, etc. The emphasis is performance, thus we travel to many colleges and festivals throughout the year to perform and take master dance classes. We also study how to create our own choreography and produce our own work that we fully produce with costumes, make-up, lights, and sound on the main stage.

Key Club

Meets on Tuesdays after school Key Club is an internationally recognized service organization that is sponsored by Kiwanis. Leadership opportunities exist not only as club leaders, president, vice-president, etc, but each fundraising and service project has its own organizer that leads the project. We also encourage members to organize outside activities and invite fellow members to participate.


Students cast spells and battle wizards in this fantasy card game.

Faculty advisor: Mr. John Ballentine (


Students will be in charge of the organism selection, care, and maintenance for all aquariums, involve themselves in field activities with The Chesapeake Bay Program and Baltimore Aquarium, and engage in community outreach.

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Paul Regis (


This club is for students interested in Latin, Roman culture, history, mythology, and civilization.

Faculty advisors: Ms. Melinda Devaney (; Ms. Haley Castelli (

Math Team

Meets on Wednesdays from 2:15 - 3:00 in Room 212 Participating on the Math Team allows students to engage in friendly interaction with other students from Glenelg High School, as well as the other high schools in Howard County. The students become engaged in higher-level critical thinking and problem solving skills, while at the same time helping Glenelg High School in competition against neighboring schools in the county. All students are welcome to join, as there is no mathematical prerequisite for membership.

Mock Trial

Meetings: Meetings begin in September and are held once a week after school on either Mondays or Tuesdays. Once the case is assigned in November, meeting frequency increases. Typically, there are 7 competitions and the competition season lasts from January through March. GHS Mock Trial Program provides students with a unique opportunity to learn about the legal system. Students work in teams to experience firsthand the process of preparing a case for trial and then trying the case against other high school teams. Legal coaches guide students in playing attorney and witness roles.

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

The club would like to provide interested members information to better understnad Islam and we how can come together as a community.


Staff sponsor: Mr. Garner

National Honor Society

The Glenelg High School Chapter of the National Honor Society is an organization for exceptional juniors and seniors. The organization's objectives are to create an ethusiasm for scholarship, a desire to render service, an opportunity to enhance leadership qualities, and to develop character in yourself and the students of Glenelg.


National Honor Society for Dance Arts

Those students who earn enough points through participation in dance classes and performances both at GHS and else where are inducted into the society. Students are then awarded recognition from the state and national affiliates operating the society. Students are able to graduate with honors wearing blue and white cords. It is also a highly prestigious honor that is recommended to be placed on college and scholarship applications.


Faculty advisor: Ms. Melinda Cunningham (

National Math Honor Society

Description forthcoming. Each member must tutor five hours per semester. Getting your hours:

  • You may sign up to volunteer on Wednesdays in Mr. Rosas' Room 207 or Thursdays in Mrs. Doermann's Room 238
  • You must be available to tutor from 2:15 - 3:15
  • You may be paired with a student that you will tutor on a regular weekly basis


Faculty advisor: Mr. Lucero Cabotaje (

National Spanish Honor Society

The purpose of the Society is to recognize high achievement in Spanish by students of secondary schools and to promote continuity of interest in Hispanic studies. The society is classified as a national and international academic honor in the study of high school Spanish and is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, Inc. To be eligible for the Society, students must meet all of the following criteria:


Faculty advisors: Mr. Raymond Gerstner (; Mr. William Aldrich (

Philosophy Club

The intent of the club is to meet and discuss issues of Philosophy associated but not limited to The Philosopher's Way. Students develop critical thinking skills and cross-cultural proficiency in an open, discussion based forum.


This club welcomes anyone who enjoys capturing moments on film.

Faculty advisor: Ms. Rachel Stein (


Students participate in competitive dance.

Advisor: Ms. Terri Newsome (


This committee develops activities which heighten awareness of the dangers of underage drinking and driving while intoxicated.

Faculty advisor: Officer Steve Willingham (

Quill and Scroll

Quill & Scroll is the honor society for yearbook, journalism, and television students. The television, journalism, and yearbook teachers set their own requirements to accomplish, but generally to be considered for membership, students must contribute significantly to the organization and maintain at least a "B" average. Officers are selected from the editorial staff of the three organizations. There is no formal meeting for this club.

SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)

SADD meets approximately once a month, targeting areas in which students are making poor/risky decisions (i.e., vaping, smoking, drinking).

Faculty advisor: Officer Steve Willingham (


Members learn about sign language and the signing culture.  

Faculty advisor: Mr. William Aldrich (

Spanish Club

Meets on Wednesdays at 2:15 in Room 163 Are you interested in exploring Spanish and Hispanic culture and cuisine? Then join the Spanish Club. Members celebrate Hispanic holidays, make crafts, watch movies and participate in community service activities. Students simultaneously have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and promote Spanish and Hispanic cultures.

Speech and Debate Club

The Glenelg Speech and Debate Club is a club that competes in debate, speech, and student congress events within the Baltimore Catholic Forensic League (BCFL).  Tournaments are once a month and advance up to the National level. 

Learn more on the website:

Student Book Club

Meets on the last Friday of the month at 2:15 in the Media Center The purpose of the GHS Student Book Club is to promote a wide reading of books and for members to share their reactions and other reading recommendations within a community of readers. Ms. Currie-Scott selects several of the Black Eyed Susan nominees to begin the year, and then students present works they have read or heard about to the group to consider. Selections are chosen by majority vote. Meetings are usually the last Friday of the month at 2:15 in the library, and Ms. Currie-Scott always serves lots of snacks!

Student Government Association – Executive Board

The Glenelg High School Student Government Association is a fun way to get involved in events at Glenelg as well as the community. The Executive Board meets weekly to discuss and plan activities. The highlight is the planning and executing the Glenelg HS Homecoming theme, parade and dance.


Table-Tennis Club is an opportunity for students to participate in tournament play after school.  Students can choose to play either in singles or doubles.

Faculty advisor: Ms. Maureen Hammond (

Tech Club

We are the working members of the theater. We set-up/build the sets for the plays, musicals, dance concerts, and music concerts. We learn how to operate, program, and set-up lights and sound for all events including the main shows and assemblies through out the year. We also, if available, work as the backstage crew during the main concert events.

Teenage Republicans

We discuss current events, candidates and service projects. Students ask questions on issues and try to investigate conservative and liberal viewpoints using the Internet, online and print media sources. All students are welcome.

The Golden Melody: Music for a Cause

Group will meet in the Choir Room, both vocalists and instrumentalist perform at hospitals, nursing homes, etc for service hours.

school sponsor: Ms. Cardillo

The Student Voice

The Student Voice will promote education reform, enhance students' education quality, and perpetuate a safe and healthy learning environment in Glenelg High School.

Sponsor: Mrs. Montminy


Theatrical productions are the main stage productions. There are both fall and spring productions each year. Members do not need to be in a drama class to audition.

Faculty advisor: Ms. Kassidy Sharp (

United Nations Foundation: Girl Up

Girl Up is a campaign by the United Nations Foundation that focuses on empowering girls around the world and helping girls in developing countries. 

Staff Advisor:


This is a club for students with a passion for woodworking.

Faculty Advisors: Mr. William Aldrich (; Mr. Nicholas Formica (

Writer's Circle

Meets on Fridays at 2:15 in Room 155 A community of creative writers who have fun, write, and workshop their original-work. We strive to grow as writers, both in skill and appreciation of others' talents.

Yoga Club

The yoga club’s main focus is to practice yoga, which includes breathing techniques, poses, and meditation for clearing the mind. The practice of yoga is known to have many health benefits including increased levels of fitness and flexibility and decreased levels of stress. Local yoga teachers will be invited to come as guest teachers.

Young Democrats

Meets on Tuesdays after school in Room 219 The Young Democrats is a student-run club that explores and evaluates the principles of the Democratic Party. Members meet weekly to discuss current events and work to become involved in the political process. Students participate in lively discussions, listen to guest speakers, interview political candidates, and participate in informal debates.