Transcript and Letter Request Guidelines

Seniors must complete all of the following steps in order to have transcripts and letters of recommendation sent to colleges.  All necessary forms can be found on our Student Services Community Canvas page under College Application In-House Documents.

Directions for Requesting Official Transcripts AND Counselor Letters of Recommendation

- Complete the Waiver of Rights and Records Release form.
- Make sure you have completed the Counselor Information Survey in Naviance PRIOR to indicating a letter of recommendation from your counselor is needed

- Submit to Ms. Hooks, the Registrar, 20 days prior to college deadline (use gold College Due Date Form to insure proper timing)
- Registrar will input your colleges into “Colleges I’m Applying To” in Naviance (you cannot do this step…only Ms. Hooks can)
- Registrar submits your Blue Form to your counselor
- Counselor electronically submits your School Profile, official transcript, and letter of recommendation (if applicable) to your colleges through Naviance by the deadline date indicated on the Blue Form

*If you are applying to any colleges using the Common Application you MUST complete an additional task!

​For Common App Schools ONLY:

- Step 1: Create and begin your Common Application, including at least ONE school in the application

- Step 2: Match (or link) your Common App account with your Naviance account

          - An instructional video w/necessary steps is available on the Student Services Canvas Community page under Post High School Planning/College Application In-House Documents

Directions for Requesting Letter of Recommendation from Teachers

- Step 1: PERSONALLY ask teachers if they are willing/able to write a letter on your behalf

- Step 2: Once a teacher agrees, be sure to complete the Teacher Information Survey in Naviance

          - There are only two Teacher Survey’s available in Naviance
          - See your counselor if you are asking 3 teachers to write for you

- Step 3: Submit a Teacher Recommendation Form (also called the Yellow Form) to each teacher 20 days prior to earliest college deadline indicating which colleges they should submit their letter to

          - This form serves as their paper trail and provides a clear deadline for submission

- Step 4: Request teachers electronically through Naviance

          - This step can only be completed if your Blue Form has been submitted to the registrar as your colleges need to be listed in your Naviance account first
          - Naviance is the tool through which teachers electronically submit letters. Skipping this step prohibits their ability to submit your letter

          - Go to your Colleges tab in Naviance
          - Go to Apply to College, Letters of Recommendation

Additional Considerations:

NCAA Clearinghouse Transcript Requests

Be sure to include NCAA on your Transcript Request and Records Release form along with your colleges, or submit a separate Blue Form (either is fine)
Be sure you have created your NCAA account prior to submitting for a transcript using the Blue Form (see your coach for details or assistance)

Mid-Year Reports

Mid-Year Reports will be processed and submitted automatically to all schools in a student’s Naviance account at the beginning of second semester
This is a county-wide requirement