Transcript and Letter Request Guidelines

Seniors must complete all of the following steps in order to have transcripts and letters of recommendation sent to colleges All necessary forms can be found on our below AND through our Student Services Community Canvas page under College Application In-House Documents.

Requesting transcripts and letters of recommendations from your counselor.

  1. Complete Waiver of Rights form and turn into registrar in Student Services.
  2. Make sure you have completed the counselor input form on Naviance. This is found under the About Me tab on the left side.
  3. Turn in your Transcript Request form to the school registrar in Student Services. List all colleges to which you are applying and include $2 per transcript after the first three which are free. This is due 20 days prior to your earliest application deadline.

Requesting Letters of Recommendation from teachers

  1. Personally ask teachers if they would be willing to write a letter on your behalf.
  2. When a teacher agrees, complete the Teacher Information form found in your student Naviance acct. This is under the About Me Tab.
  3. Complete the Teacher Recommendation Request form and submit to teacher. The colleges listed on the Teacher Recommendation Request form will instruct specific teachers to submit to only those colleges listed on their form.
  4. Request teachers through your student Naviance account. This is the mechansim through which they will physically submit your letters of recommendation.
    1. Go to Naviance home page
    2. Click "Colleges" tab
    3. Click "Colleges-Home" sub-tab
    4. Click "Letter of Recommendation" under Apply to Colleges section
    5. Click "Add Request" and choose teacher from drop down tab. Note: only HCPSS teachers can be requested through Naviance. Teachers or individuals outside of the HCPSS school system should send their letters directly to the college or university as directed by the student.

Directions for Parents

  1. Complete the Parent Input form found under the About Me tab on the Parent Naviance account. This cannot be accessed from the students account.

Common Application

  1. If you are applying to a Common App school, create an account with Common App and add at least one school.
  2. Match your common app account and your Naviance account. Watch instructional video found on the home page of Naviance.
    1. From the student Home page scroll all the way to the bottom
    2. Click "Show All From my School"
    3. Click "Common App-Match Video"

Additional Requests:

Mid-Year Reports

  1. Mid-Year Reports will be processed for all students at the beginning of second semester. They are automatically sent to all schools to which a student is applying.