School Security Update & Arrival Time Information

Fri, 08/31/2018 - 8:09am

At our opening “kickoff” administrators meeting, Dr. Martirano spoke about creating a “Culture of Caring” in our school communities that promotes a positive school culture and an environment that is safe for students, parents, and staff. One step toward the implementation of this initiative is the recent installation of the School Buzzer and Security Door monitors here at Glenelg High School. This system requires that visitors press a buzzer on the front door, identify themselves and state their business prior to being admitted to the school. Visitors will be required to report to the front office where they will scan their license and obtain a visitors pass to be worn on their clothing while they are in the building.

The school will open front, side, and back doors for students at 7:00 AM. Parents are reminded that supervision for students cannot be provided prior to 7:00 AM. Students are not to be dropped off prior to 7:00 AM. Staff who arrive prior to 7:00 AM will use their security badges to gain entrance into the building. At 7:25 AM all outside doors will be locked. Both visitors and late students will use the front entrance where they will be buzzed into the building.

As an additional safety precaution, students will not be permitted to be in front of the building during lunch periods. Students may eat their lunch in the cafeteria and may gather in the hallway in front of the cafeteria. Senior students may continue to eat in the senior courtyard.

We realize that these changes will be adjustments for the entire Glenelg Community. These changes are made with the care, safety, and security of our students, staff, and families in mind. Please feel free to contact Glenelg High School if you have any questions.

Thank you,

David P. Burton,