We Do Everything With Pride @ Glenelg High School!

Fri, 09/13/2019 - 1:32pm

Greetings Gladiator Families,

We would like to thank you for your support of another fantastic week at Glenelg High School!  Earlier in the week, we had our 9th graders working on community building and ensuring that everyone knew the importance of feeling dignified and valued at Glenelg High School.  In addition, we focused on the ideals of inclusion and acceptance.  Referencing the Harvard definitions (in their current research surrounding belonging and dignity), we believe inclusion to mean making others feel that they belong at all levels of relationship (including family, community and organization) and acceptance to mean that we approach all people as neither inferior or superior and create an environment where all members of our school are free from fear of being negatively judged, can interact without prejudice and bias, and believe that all elements of their individual identity (age, religion, gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status, etc.) are accepted.  As your school leader, I believe these areas are imperative to us being a connected community.  It is my goal that we continue to develop our understanding of these ideals and live them out as a school on a daily basis.  

Another item of importance that we have emphasized the past couple of weeks with our students is our theme of exhibiting Gladiator PR.I.D.E. in everything that we do.  Here is what PR.I.D.E. represents in more detail:

    PR – Personal Responsibility

  • Attend all of my classes On-Time and Every Day.
  • Keep the school building Clean and Safe.
  • Post Responsibly.  
  • Respect the Opinions and Views of everyone

    I – Integrity

  • Advocate for the rights of everyone.
  • Be a positive Role Model.
  • Demonstrate sportsmanship.  
  • Give credit to everyone that helped you.
  • Choose my own right path.

    D – Determination

  • Engage fully in school activities, athletics, and school events.
  • Put forth Maximum Effort in everything I do.  
  • Work to the best of my ability to Achieve my goals.  

    E – Empathy

  • Help everyone.
  • Appreciate and Celebrate our differences.
  • Encourage and Motivate everyone.
  • Treat everyone with Kindness & Generosity

We will continue to emphasize theses core values with the student body throughout the school year.  It is our hope that you take some time to discuss these values with your child at home as well.  

We Do Everything With Pride @ Glenelg High School!