Regularly monitoring your child’s progress

Fri, 10/04/2019 - 2:29pm

Subject:  Regularly monitoring your child’s progress
With the changes to the recently revised Board of Education Policy 8020 Grading and Reporting: Middle and High School, middle and high schools will not distribute interims. The purpose of grading and reporting is to provide timely, meaningful feedback to students and their parents/guardians. Instead of interims, secondary students and parents/guardians are encouraged to regularly monitor progress via the grade book in HCPSS Connect - Canvas. Elementary school teachers do not use Canvas for grading and will continue to distribute interims.
Middle/high school students and parents/guardians can use the directions below to access current course assignment scores and grade averages.
Accessing Progress Grades in Canvas
To access grades in Canvas:
1.    Log in to HCPSS Connect with the email address you provided in Family File.
2.    Select the Canvas (Gradebook) tab on the left side of the screen and select the Canvas link in the middle of the page.
3.    In Canvas, navigate to the Grade Overview page by selecting the Grades icon on the dark grey navigation bar or select the View Grades button at the bottom of the Coming Up/To-Do list on the right side of the screen. The Grade Overview page will show the current averages for each of your middle or high school children’s courses.
4.    Select a course name to view the individual assignment scores for that course.
Grades can also be viewed in the Canvas Parent mobile app for iOS or Android. See the guide linked below for more information.
Any questions regarding assignment scores or current course averages should be directed to that course teacher. If help is needed to view the information due to a technical or access issue contact your school’s front office for support.

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