4x4 Schedule Information 2020-2021 School Year

Fri, 07/31/2020 - 8:47am

Hello Gladiators, 

I hope you and your family are having a wonderful summer.  After the rapid shift to a virtual platform for continuity of learning in the spring, everyone was ready for a summer break.  As you may already know, our school system has spent these months in work groups to address what school will look like for the 2020-2021 school year.

First, please make sure you have noted the school system calendar changes. School begins for students on September 8, 2020.  The adjusted calendar is definitely an important bookmark for families.

Schools will operate virtually for Semester 1.  The student schedule incorporates a 4x4 semester schedule, which allows students to take 8 courses, instead of the 7-course model that we have traditionally followed.  To complete each students schedule requests, one of four things occurred:

For most of the students, the alternate course requests students had already included in their scheduling choices were used to make sure students had 8 credits/requests in their schedule.  I do want to share that our schedule has added additional sections for some of our highly popular electives, which allowed  students who had been on waiting lists to be scheduled into these courses (to include computer science courses, food & nutrition, forensics, Human Geography AP, Marine Science, Aerobics, Sports for Life and others).

Students with IEP/504 goals who need year long academic support were given an additional section of tutorial or Seminar.

Students who were in academic/performance based classes such as band, choir, orchestra, and intern/mentor were given the opportunity to take these courses both semesters, allowing for a year-round experience.

The 4x4 schedule could also be used to accelerate students' progress through courses and programs, i.e. taking a PLTW course first semester and the next PLTW course second semester. Additionally, students could take Algebra 1 first semester and Geometry second semester, etc., to accelerate their math pathway or Dance 2 first semester and Dance 3 second semester to expand and grow in their dance knowledge. 

Once the scheduling process is completed, HCPSS will release student schedules and there will be a DROP/ADD time frame during which students can work with counselors to make adjustments.  This should be taking place on or around August 14th.   The additional class available in the 4x4 schedule also created the opportunity to expand the elective selections at GHS to include the following:

LA-810-8 African American Literature (Grade 11, 12)  - This course exposes students to African American writers and their contributions to the development of American literature.

SO-506-8 African American Studies (Grade 10, 11, 12) - This course is an in-depth study of the history of the African American experience. Topics include the origin of civilizations in Africa, the evolution of and resistance to slavery in the United States, the challenges confronted by African Americans after the Civil War, the Civil Rights and Black Power movements, the progress and problems faced by African Americans in the 20th and 21st centuries, and the contributions and achievements of African Americans and African American culture within the United States.

LA-800-8 Advanced Composition (Grade 11, 12) - Students may have opportunities to write creative pieces in four genres: poetry, short fiction, one act plays, and memoir/creative nonfiction. 

MA-430-8 Geometry Seminar - This class is to be taken with Geometry and will help review, study and support the skills learned in Geometry this year. The course provides students with additional instructional time to master content, engage in applications-based problem solving, and develop the behaviors defined by the Standards for Mathematical Practices.

AP Mastery/Test Prep - This course will be offered second semester. It is designed to help students prepare for the AP exam.  Students who might select this course should be able to work independently in a structured setting. 

VA-720-1 Art History AP (Grade 11, 12) -  In this course, students examine major forms of artistic expression from the past as well as the present and from a variety of cultures. It is recommended that students in this course take the AP Exam when it is offered in May. 

Please indicate on the google form below if you would be interested in one of these courses as your 8th option. (Please note that African-American Literature, African-American Studies, and Advanced Composition  last a quarter not a semester). These three courses would have to be paired with one of our other quarter-long electives (sociology, anthropology, world religions, asian studies, law and the citizen and psychology). If you are interested in one of these new course credit options, please complete the form by Monday, August 3, 2020

Google Form: Additonal Course Request for 2020-2021 School Year Form


We are committed to continuing to provide ongoing support while working remotely throughout the summer. 

Who is my counselor for 2020-2021?

Mrs. Brandt, Students Last Name beginning A-E, kelli_brandt@hcpss.org

Mrs. Hirsch, Students Last Name beginning F-L, mindy_hirsch@hcpss.org

Mrs. Devlin, Students Last Name beginning  M-Sc, carolyn_devlin@hcpss.org

Dr. Burnett, Students Last Name beginning Sd-Z,  steven_burnett@hcpss.org