Families in Need Program

Wed, 11/25/2020 - 10:01am

You have heard it everywhere; these are difficult times for everyone. We have many families in our community who would benefit from support for the holidays. Glenelg High School and many of the clubs have adopted 12 local families. In the past, we were able to purchase specific gifts and have them delivered, which was way more personal for everyone. This year we can only collect donations to go toward gift cards for these families. We are asking you to please consider making a donation. The Glenelg community has always gone above and beyond in supporting our service projects. Collections will take place through December 15.

Here is how you can help:

  • You can also make an online donation.
    • Use this link to go to the GHS website, https://ghs.hcpss.org/.
    • Click on any Holiday Giving group to make your donation.

You can send a check payable to GHS:

14025 Burntwoods Road
Glenelg, MD  21713
Attention:  Families in Need


We are grateful for any donation made. Thank you for helping GHS meet our goal of making the holidays special for our 12 families