Congratulations to the Glenelg Mock Trial Team

Wed, 01/27/2021 - 10:25am

Congratulations to the Glenelg Mock Trial Team who played as defense against Catonsville High School. 

  • Ashna Pandya
  • Avishi Garg
  • Bethany Beall
  • Caitlyn Goldberg
  • David Lee
  • David Liu
  • Dean Dwiggings
  • Jackson Huffman
  • Maia Boswell
  • Nia Stewart
  • Nico Wenzel
  • Pradham Charasala
  • Pranathi Charasala
  • Shriya Sane
  • Suki Sacks

Here was the case they worked on: On a cold January evening, two security guards were on patrol at the Walters Art Museum in Chesapeake City, Maryland. Two individuals dressed as Chesapeake City Police officers rang the doorbell indicating they needed to come inside the museum. Once inside, the two individuals tied up the guards and stole several precious artifacts and paintings from the museum. A local resident and former museum employee, Izzy Gardner, has been arrested and charged with theft for allegedly being one of the two people who robbed the museum, as well as assault on the two security guards on duty that day. To this day, none of the stolen artwork has been recovered. 

Our students (listed below) did a great job proving that Izzy Gardner was in fact innocent of the crime she was accused of committing. Way to go, Gladiators!