MD Youth Risk Behavior Survey and Youth Tobacco Survey

Wed, 11/03/2021 - 8:54am

The 2021 Maryland Youth Risk Behavior Survey and Youth Tobacco Survey is conducted by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) and the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) in Maryland middle and high schools randomly selected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Results from the MD YRBS/YTS are used by educators and public health officials to design, implement and evaluate comprehensive programs and policies that address the health risk behaviors that put our youth at the greatest risk of harm.

Five Glenelg High School Period 2 classes have been randomly selected to participate (Consoli, Fox, Kelly, Pallozzi, and Trawick). The survey will be administered on Wednesday, November 17 during Period 2 GLAD Time, so there will be no loss of instructional time.

This paper-and-pencil survey takes approximately 30-40 minutes to complete. Strict survey protocols are in place to protect student privacy and allow for anonymous participation. Students do not include their name on their survey, and they are instructed that the survey is voluntary, can skip any question they do not want to answer, and may stop participation at any time without penalty.

Students whose parents have “opted out” through Family File will not take the survey. Parents will have another opportunity to opt out by completing a form that will be distributed this week in the selected classes. These paper opt-out forms should be returned to the Period 2 teacher.

Please contact Judi Hendricks, Assistant Principal, with any questions.