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Scrolling Announcements

Thu, 02/18/2016 - 12:47pm

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Catalog of Approved High School Courses

Fri, 12/04/2015 - 3:34pm

The 2020-2021 course catalog is available for your review.
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Indoor Air Quality and Mold Investigation Report - Dec. 1

Wed, 12/02/2015 - 11:58am

Indoor Air Quality and Mold Investigation Progress Report shows that Glenelg High School is in good condition and is a safe learning environment for our students, staff and guests.
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GHS Featured in America Achieves

Tue, 11/17/2015 - 2:59pm

The America Achieves stories are promoted by the Global Learning Network, a learning community for OECD Test participants.
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Student Newspaper 18-19.

Tue, 09/08/2015 - 6:47pm

Coming soon with the start of the new school year! Ongoing.
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Summer Math Packets

Tue, 08/25/2015 - 9:47am

Click the link to find and download the Summer Math Packets
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Summer Math Packets

Wed, 08/19/2015 - 9:12pm

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