Payments for AP exams are due by 11/11/22

Mon, 10/31/2022 - 2:16pm

Payments for AP exams are due by 11/11/22. Payment can be made online by paying the invoices sent through My School Bucks or by dropping off a check payable to GHS to the front office.  Your envelope should include, "c/o Chris Fox, your name, and the tests you are paying for."  If you think you qualify for reduced fees, please contact as soon as possible.

Exams that are marked as YES but not paid for will be canceled and changed to NO on 11/11/2022. The unpaid exams will not be ordered, and you will not be billed for them. Students who remain Undecided or No in the AP Portal will not be invoiced, and an exam will not be ordered. You may continue to update your decisions in AP Portal until 11/10/2022. New invoices will be generated every few days.

NOTE: Registration for an exam or cancellation of an exam after 11/11/22 will incur a late fee of $40 per exam. Please keep this in mind when making your exam choices. 

NOTE: It takes some time for the invoicing system, so make sure you have selected YES prior to 11/10/22 (earlier is better) to keep the overnight sync process from being too late.  Physical checks must be received in the office by 11/11 at noon.

How can I check to make sure my payment was received and I am fully registered for my AP Exams?  

  1. Login at (Links to an external site.) 
  2. Select “More Options (Family File, Report Cards, etc.)” on the left menu  
  3. Select “AP Schedule”  
  4. Review the exams listed and if payment has been processed