Math Team

Meets on Wednesdays from 2:15 - 3:00 in Room 212 Participating on the Math Team allows students to engage in friendly interaction with other students from Glenelg High School, as well as the other high schools in Howard County. The students become engaged in higher-level critical thinking and problem solving skills, while at the same time helping Glenelg High School in competition against neighboring schools in the county. All students are welcome to join, as there is no mathematical prerequisite for membership. Mathematical topics covered will range from Algebra 1/Data Analysis through Trigonometry (contrary to popular belief, Calculus is not required). The team meets every Wednesday for practices. During practices, students complete problems from past mathematics competitions and refine their problem solving skills. About one Wednesday per month through March, the students are bused to a neighboring high school where they compete against students from across the county. Meet questions consist of individual and team rounds. Note: Only the top 5 scorers count towards the school's final score.

Candace Nunemaker Teacher